Recommendations for boots please


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Apr 20, 2002
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Maidstone, Kent
There was an old thread about boots and I remember something abt some Alpinestars? Were they Tech 4's???

I'm looking for some off road 1000% waterproof of course.

What do you wear?
Daytona. Highly rated by me and loads of mates.

Mine were bought in 1996 and are still going strong. Use them all year except in really hot weather.

Thermal amd waterproof linings - excellent.

The version I have are now discontinued - they now have loads of different models to choose from at various prices in road boots.

Unfortunately for you, they do not do MotoX boots.
I agree with Wessie. I've had my GTX Daytonas for 3yrs now, had them re-soled last Oct (£50) and they've been completely waterproof. Very comfortable (I wear them year-round). Daytona do a sort of Enduro boot here's the link, but in fairness, it's not much more than a GTX with a metal tipped toe...


Again Daytona. Fantastic, waterproof and durable best boots I've ever ownes!

Paul Newman:beerjug:
I`ve been wearing Daytonas for about 10 years...5 of those were every day, all day in all weathers and I think they`re brilliant.
One reservation......dont buy them too small as the gortex liner can break. I used to buy leather boots a bit tight as they go sloppy over time but the Daytonas keep their fit.
Try Altberg. Using them since ever year round and would not consider anything else. At least in cold/rainy weather. For the summer, a pair of motocross boots is the job.
By the way, Altberg is what the policeand many couriers use. They should know something about riding in winter.
I was thinking about getting a pair of Sidi Couriers or perhaps preferably their Off4 s? Anybody rate these?

Best boots I've owned are the Gearne Enduro boot. Sole, buckles, top cap's, every thing is replaceable. I use them for every day riding as well as off-road. Lisa uses Alpinestar Tech 6's.

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It has to be ....


Altberg. I'm with Yosi on this. The boots are amazing.

Ask Nobby he was at the meet the other night and prior to the throng that gathered the two of us (oh we are BMW Club members) who like our comforts were just talking about how amazing these boots are. I have yet to find someone who has them and thinks they are crap.

Call 'em slippers if you want but they are amazing.
Nobby has managed to get the to let in water. I haven't. But then he has a story about being in them for 3 days and being submerged.

They are amazing. Wreford has a set on order. Hey Wreford bet you can't wait for Feb !!!

Hand made - lovely.

Have to agree Altberg are great,i wear them in work ,im a dog handler they are a super all weather boot very comfy and easy to break in totally waterproof as well.Only one minor complaint not the best on slippy surfaces have lost footing once or twice while on the move
Cheers Wes:beerjug:

Got a pair of Roadstar GTX (Goretex) and after 6 yrs and and about 90,000 miles they're as good as new and completely waterproof. Had them re-soled and new Gore-tex last year for £75 and now they'll do another 50-60,000.
IMHO the king of touring boots.
Got some Sidi Top Action Evo's for off-roading and they're good, but about as waterproof as a fisherman's keep net.
Thanks for all the help

I've just decided that I can't make my mind up!!

Hey, Judge...

...sorry, did work it out myself. Just being lazy after all that dancin', realy takes it out of you, you know.:D

Had a great weekend, glad you got back safe.

Simon T:beerjug:
For what it's worth, Hein Gericke Tuareg boots are pretty good, with lots of chunky grip and cost £125.

They are phasing them out in germany, so you might have to be quick if you want a pair in your size.
I've got some of those GTX trans opens by Daytona,the best cross between full on moto cross boots and road boots.Just had them re-soled,new liner,new steel tips and generally given a really good going over for £100.Like carpet's to another 100000 miles:D

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