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Oct 10, 2002
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east lothian
Just a quick note to introduce myself and seek some advice.
I currently have an Africa Twin which I was looking to upgrade from during the summer. I have no idea what happened but somehow I ended up buying a new Harley Davidson Road King. I have managed nearly 3000 miles on it since the end of June. And the more I ride it, the more I come to think I have made a dreadful mistake................................................ :(

I love my AT ( which I've kept) and was meant to be looking at buying the Tiger, a Capo Nord or the GS. I'm not that mechanically gifted ( understatement ! ) so the shaft drive of the GS appealed. Plus it seems to be held in high regard by most. And that was before I happened across this board.

Anyway, the point to my post ( and there will be a point, eventually) is that I am now seriously considering changing the Harley. I am looking for a dealer that you lot would recommend in the north of England or Scotland. I live near Edinburgh.
I have read the dealers threads and so far no-one seems to have mentioned any company further north than Sheffield.
My hope is to get a proper test ride ( a day) and then make my decision.



Why not try Calterdon in Inverness?

01463 236566 and ask for Brian Widdison, he's very helpful.
Try John Clarkes in Dundee 01382815993 (ask for Gavin)


Most dealers seem to let you have a decent test ride, I guess a major factor is the trade in. One idea might be Williams in Manchester, as there's a Harley dealer not too far away and Manchester conects by rail to Scotland. However if you don't get the first service carried out by the dealer you bought it from it will cost.

There is also a dealer in the Newcastle area, but why not have a look at the BMW website and "locate dealer"?

I haven't had many dealings with Clarkes in Dundee or Aberdeen, but use Calterdons for all my servicing and have found them fine. A friend of my has recently bought 2 bikes from them and didn't have any problems with them either.

Of course the Newcastle dealer may be a better bet than one up in Inverness, although if you come up here you do at least get the pleasure of Highland roads on the way too/from the dealer, as well as during a test ride.

I have heard as well that Calterdons have some deal regarding accomodation in Inverness if you are planning on a long test ride, but I don't know any details.

Iain L

You'll have no trouble selling a Harley, they are always sought and keep their value well, sell it privately then go get your GS , you won't regret it.
GS's also hold their value well and are not difficult to work on for the maintenance side of things.

P.S. Get heated grips, lovely.
Rainbow....... in Sheffield
You won't regret , they have a lot of Scottish clients and they like Harleys as well as a trade-in.
Just voted Ride's No.1 dealer in whole of UK.
Speak to Shaun (owner) or Kevin in sales.
Family business without the Corporate B******T.
(01142) 618866

yep definately Rainbow by a mile.

Great service, cant do too much for you. Also good for parts and clothing. You can get loads of help & advice from all the staff

Even free doughnuts on Saturdays..what more can you want.
But you can get an ostrich burger in Invernass an theres a pub that opens before your even out of bed.
Seriously , I went to Calterdons and bought my GS.They did my 600 and 6000 service and I havent had any probs with them. I have been informed to keep away from clarks in Dundee and Aberdeen but I cant comment on this as I have no 1st hand experiance of them.If you look at previous threads on this board you'll see Rainbow getting very high reccomendations.
thanks guys, I appreciate the info.

Looks like Rainbow might get my business - I think the free doughnuts have tipped it their way. :homer
on the other hand.................

see, this kind of indecision is how I ended up buying the Harley in the first place.

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