Remus carbon end can


just made a frivilous purchase of a Remus carbon end can for my it a straight forward fitting job ?
i know it looks lovely,will it alter the performance of the bike?
any info would be greatly appreciated

Ta :bounce1
cheers,ill nail it on,it looks good any way and thats gotta count for a bit :thumb
The performance will not be noticeably better, possibly the throttle response will be a little better!
But for some real performance, a Laser full system and a Powercommander or something likethat is required... For even more power the list of modifications or expense is infinit:cool:

But i really recommend the carbon fibre one, it has much better sound than the metal ones! Much deeper and and heavier, plus it doesn't look like a smaller version of the original:thumb
thanks for that helmetrock,i hadnt considered the sound,great stuff
It's about the resonance frequency in the different materials!

Here's my Rockster with the carbon fibre! Today I changed the color of the Remus sign from red to fit the bike better
looks awsome,there is some attention to detail going on there me thinks,just purchased the Y piece to day,so ill tinker it up this week

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