Ride out to Le Touquet, 7th June - Charity run


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Nov 25, 2005
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Weston Super Mare
A fellow GSer (well GSAer:) is arranging this....if you're interested email Nadeem:

boxertwin AT mac DOT com (obviously replace AT and DOT with @ and . and no spaces)

Further to my conversations with Spinal Research last year, I'm organising a run out to Le Touquet on Saturday 7th June. Spinal Research will be promoting the run out through various mags, forums, etc.

Let me know if you want to come along. I'll also be needing a hand with ride out leaders, tail enders, etc...volunteers please - all in a good cause. I've currently got about half a dozen or so helpers through http://www.Knobblies.org and could do with more.

The plan is to take a shuttle between 9-10am over to Calais, then a leisurely back roads ride to Le Touquet for lunch and a stroll along the front, followed by a ride back to Eurotunnel and an early evening shuttle back...

I have a meeting with Spinal Research tomorrow morning, so I'll have more details after this.

Get your names down chaps... :)

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