Right - I'm going for it!


I've had my 1200 on order for a few months now. However there's an awful lot going on in the Wraithwrider life at the mo.

1. Movin - in with my lady in the Lakes (That's Kendal not the water!)
2. Change of job with salary reducing by 50% (Christ I was earning 3x this 11 years ago, happier now maybe but?)
3. Sell house

So I've sold me old bike and with the buoyant housing market (in June) I'm looking forward to splashing out on the GS, a better car and a new sea kayak. I've even bought myself some new riding kit.

One minor problem, haven't even got an offer on my humble abode yet,over 3 months later. (It's a 4 bed Semi in Plymouth if ur int)

So the past couple of weeks or so I've been going through the do I or don't I go for the GS thing in my mind and getting quite down?

Well sometimes it's the making of the decision that's the hardest part cause the answer's yes, got the loan and now I'm happy. A lot of belt tightening is going to be goin on but I've worked out that if I can restrain from buying 'toys' I'll be okay.

So much happier now! I'd just like to say that the UKGSER forum's been a real help - sniff, sniff - where's me hanky.


Roll on 21st Oct
Right decision, wish you all the best and look forward to a report once you've got it. ;)


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