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Jul 28, 2004
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At the risk of being seen to be an IT idiot can I ask:

Is there any way to search this site based on threads I've contributed to, ie, enter my user name and it brings up those threads where my wit, wisdom and reparte have been imparted?
1. Go to the Search page

2. Do not enter anything into the Search by Keyword text box

3. Enter your user name in the Search By User Name text box (on the right). In your case, that would be Lamble)

4. Change search options to suit, and click on Perform Search.

Hey Presto! It's Witchcraft, I tell you!

Got o the search button at the top of screen, put yer name into the relevant field, and Uncle Roberts is yer mothers brother!

On the main UKGS'er Forum page, click on your own name in the active users, this brings up your profile with the words "Search for all posts by this user" on the right hand side.

Well there you go...Dohhh!

Thanks for that folks. Please excuse the ignorance of someone who hasn't been bothered to read an instruction manual since I got my second airfix model.
Anyone want a plastic spitfire with swaztikas and three wings?

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