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Jun 7, 2003
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Ballaugh, Isle of Man
Can anyone recommend some Routefinder software, for the mainland U.K., which allows directions to be printed-off and gives accurate mileage figures?

Easiest and one (but not the only one) of the best is Autoroute, even if it is a Microsoft product.

There are other cheaper and more expensive alternatives and all have their +'s and -'s.

Expensive way - TTQV plus Navtech maps - but very versatile and great with a GPS.

Cheap way - free cover disc of Route Finder or similar.

I have a few free ones on magazine cover discs. If one of those would do let me have your address and I'll send them.
Definitely Autoroute for me. If only mapsource was half as good......But we can dream:tigger

If you can find a copy of the AA MileMaster it's the dogs do dah's.
It what the AA use to find you when you break down etc.
Much better than the Microsoft Autoroute. Why? because it gives a much better description and directions of the chosen route, with good landmarks etc to let you know your travelling on the right route and the milage is pretty accurate. All the software progs milage is calculated by logorithyms so it's not deadly accurate anyway. but a reasonable quesstimate.


Thanks for the advice...I've decided to give Autoroute a try, loads of people I've spoken to think its the easiest to use overall.
Thanks again...

Now using Microsoft Autoroute 2004. Does everything it says on the box, its easy to use and covers most of Western Europe.


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