Rubber foot guards ?


Help, Whilst I was at the Eynsford meet last month I saw a few of the bikes had rubber splash guards fitted to the back of the cylinders, Big Paul did say were you could get them but in all the excitment ! I didn't catch the place, S could some kind soul remind me. I think Paul said that they cost about £40. THANKS ,Barry:beer:
Yup, they're Wunderlich (available from SPC), they take about 5 mins to fit & work well, so far (of course, It's not rained since I bought them....:D ). £40 is about right (I bought some other bits at the same time, so I don't remember exactly), I think it was Simon Eassom who recommended them after I asked.....

You can also find them at South London Motorcycles which is a bit closer to you.
I had some of these on my R80GS and they looked really manky in a very short time. I thought they looked cheap/nasty so I took them off and put on one of the "engine bras" from the PD version. Surely they can design something for the oilheads which does the same job but looks less homemade.

wossat then?


Piece of plastic. Mounts across the front of the engine bars.


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Wouldn't that mess up the airflow / cooling a tad ?

Not as nice as a "Wunderbra" mein leibling !!
Its obviously the old personal preferance thing 'ere cos i reckon the wunderlich foot jobbies at £40, look fine, appear to work well and don't look anything like as bad as that wunderbra monstrosity on that clapped out old shed in the foto.......
now don't all scream at once.......yorkshire humour! (I mean, why buy a 300 year old wooden chest of drawers when Ikea do some lovely stuff and its brand new for gods sake)
I wonder how much that BMW bra would cost?

If wunderlich made one would they infringe copyright if they called it the' wunderlich bra'?

The wunderlich splash guards work well enough i suppose.

the bonus is that you can take them off easily when you are travelling from coldwet lancashire to sunny hot Rome!
I had a couple of them and sold them with the bike. I don't think I paid more than £20 for each of them and got one from M/works, the other from Sherlocks. I just sprayed one matt black and it looked great - kept the other as a spare.

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