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Had a Rukka suit in the 1980's and it was absolutely brilliant! Had a look at their new stuff. It looks really well made but not very stylish but got good write ups in a ride product test. Pricing structure……..Arm, Leg, Firstborn! :)
Rukka, IMO, are very good but rather expensive.

I bought my jacket some years ago and some trousers a year or so later. They have a five year guarantee and I have used my guarantee twice on the original jacket and twice on the trousers. They replaced the jacket twice and my trousers once due to minor leaks in the Gore-Tex liners, they repaired a zip on the original trousers.

Some may think that they must be crap if they leak but the way I see it is that they have given me new kit each time of equivelant or higher price. If you have a problem you take your kit into ANY Rukka dealer and they get a temporary replacement from Rukka. That way you are never without kit. They then have a look at your gear and either repair (they replaced a trouser calf zip) or replace it.

I would not buy anything else now, I wear my stuff every weekday, year in, year out and have had an 'off' with my current stuff and it is still 100% waterproof.

Cost wise I reckon £450 - £500 for a jacket and £300 - £400 for the strides. They zip together too.

Really chuffed with my Rukka kit so far, completely waterproof and windproof, fits nicely and looks as good as new after a year.

Got the jacket as a cancelled order for 200 quid and got 100 off the breeks as a credit for a returned Akito jacket which leaked but was out of production.

The Rukka kit is probly the best you can get, Just write the cheque and stay warm and safe for years to come

You can somtimes get last seasons stuff cheap at the NEC or Alley Palley shows

Rukka Kit

This stuff is the Dogs Danglies!

I am a police motorcyclist and i have the choice of this or leathers to wear every day, and i cant remember the last time i used the leathers.

I have has my suit for 4 years and it has NEVER leaked.

Please make sure that you follow the washing instuctions though. I was mine once every 6 months in NIKWAX Tech wash and proof it with the NIKWAX wash in proofer. it helps if it can get tumble dried as this apparently helps the Goretex.

Top top kit and worth every penny. I have also got BMUU stuff and not as nice or comfy, and the RUKKA stuff comes with a 5 year warranty.

OH! And buy plain Black.It dosnt show the dirt as much!

I have a Rukka RVP Goretex suit that's 6 - 7 yrs old and has done over 100,000 miles and is still as good as new.
It has been used in some of the worst weather possible and has never leaked.

Lately I've used the BMW range and have a Streetguard suit and also a Tourguard jacket and Atlantis trousers.
BMW kit has been good and I just hope it can stay the course.....

However i'm not throwing out the Rukka kit as i know I can rely on it..........
Yep, what they said.

My Rukka had big damage after my rather poor decision to ride under a truck, but I suffered far far less......the armour did its job, converting a major impact on my arm to what is now only a smallish inch square scar (under where the armour was, so it took a lot of potentially bone-cracking energy out) and it was always waterproof and cold-proof.

If I didn't have the option of my BWM streetguard, I'd be in Rukka kit's bloody expensive, but as has been said, over the years it lasts it comes out very reasonably priced for the degree of protection and quality.

I've been on Advrider for the last hour or two, so I apologise now for saying Rukka Rawks!!!

Ive had my Rukka SRO suit for just over a year, ridden through one and a half winters and have no idea what people are on about when the say their suit leaks or they get cold.

I wouldnt compromise on anything less.

it helps if it can get tumble dried as this apparently helps the Goretex

:eek: :eek: Richie.......that skeers me a bit.....I thought that you really should not tumble dry anything with Goretex in it as the membrane would melt (it's effectively only a thin, fancy technical plastic sheet).....and the Rukka label certauinly has the 'do not tumble dry' icon on it.:eek:

I let mine drip dry.......I'll have a poke about though see if I can find any more info.
Ah were right!!

This from :

The general recommendation is to follow the washing instructions recommended by the manufacturer.

Our recommendation is to wash in 40 degrees with a soft detergent (any at the market), use no softener. If it is possible rinse it twice. Dry the garments by tumble-drying or by ironing. Use low temperature when tumble drying. The heat actually helps activate the surface treatment . Do not bleach your garments. Generally do not dry clean, but if professionally dry-cleaned, request clear distilled solvent rinse and spray repellent.

To remove a stubborn stain, test a small hidden area with a commercial stain remover before using it on a place that shows. You may find certain stains have to be removed professionally. Rinse well.

Just got Rukka RVP jacket and trews for £500. Saving £300...Infinity at the NEC. Lots of brass but the quality...
Rukka retail prices

Price vary greatly depending on what you choose
Trousers Jacket

Pablo range £279.99 £359.99
RVP Pro £319.99 £459.99
Air Power R 3 £499.98 £769.99
Air Power R 2 £399.99 £569.99
A Tech £499.99 £629.99
Smart Riders £699.99 £999.99

VAT is included

just ordered a rukka sro jacket and trousers lots of money and cant have it till mid jan at least . will let you now if its as good as they say
Re: rukka

geoffh said:
will let you now if its as good as they say

IMHO I believe that it is. Keeps you warm down to 0 degrees C, and never get wet again.

I dont believe they do the SRO gloves anymore, so when you come to sort out a pair, bear in mind the double cuffs work best with a long, gauntlet style of glove. I've got the police leather ones, which are great for most things, but they are an inch or two too short for the SRO jacket to work properly. Will probably get a new winter pair next week.

And when you get it, can you tell me what the blazes the "Memory Card" pouch is for, just inside the jacket's zip baffle? Its too small for a credit card, and too tight for cardboard...

Oh, and for a great way to cool down in the summer, put on the outlast inner jacket thing. It will absorb a few degrees of body heat in just two minutes.

Mike "I am considerably warmer than you"
dont know if this is of any interest however are currently doing belstaff celcius jacket & pants for £225.00 - dupont cordura, airtenna antiabrasive fabric, sportwool lining and permeable membrane, detachble thermal collar, 4 vent points, knox armour - pants also include seat sideleg & knee reinforcement, rear ankle and calf adjuster - i wore this jacket last saturday and sunday doing rides in the glencoe area , the weather was totaly abysmal however the jacket stood up to the elements - excellent value at this price and no i dont work at busters !!
Rukka Sale at Infinity

Asked at my local Infinity why there was no Rukka gear on display. Apparently their entire stock is being held in a warehouse waiting to be distributed to stores for a sale starting at 6pm on Fri 26 Nov.

Bargains to be had I feel...

Also, the Pablo and RVP range are due for an update very soon.

infinity at Holborn

Chris the manger at Infinity Holborn is open to haggling on Rukka gear 0207 242 1111

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