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Oct 29, 2004
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not sure that i am in the right place to discuss running in......but has anyone got any great theories on running in new gs1200 which i collect this week. take it slow or rev the tits out of it. as all bike mags seem to give opposing views.
The advice at "The best method is to alternate between short bursts of hard acceleration and deceleration" echoes the advice (below) I have received in the past about rev laddering on car engines.

As much as you can stand it the first few hundred miles, take the engine to 6000 rpm in any gear and then back off the throttle completely, letting the engine pull the car down. This creates a certain back-pressure that test drivers say sets the rings really quickly. Of course, driving this way for hundreds of miles is pretty darn boring. But do it as much as you can stand.
mmmmmmm.interesting view point
which i think makes perfect sense,, albeit i am not the most mechanically minded person. thanks for link

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