Sadly, a price increase for having lights fitted.


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Nov 17, 2003
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Basically, I need to increase the cost that I currently charge for fitting the lights and making the loom etc.

As many of you are already aware, I currently charge £75 for the complete package, breaking that cost down equates to the following detail:-

* It takes me about 2 hours before hand to make up the loom.

* Another hour is then spent wiring the two sets of lights up prior to the bike arriving.

* Finally, it takes a further 3 1/2 to 4 hours fitting it all on to the bike on the day.

* Then I have the cost to produce the loom, which costs £27.14

So as you can see from the above, £75 is indeed bloody good value for money
Coupled with the fact, as many of you have pointed out on the forum that those that have seen the high quality and the high standard of workmanship combined the special attention to detail that have had lights fitted by yours truly, I should indeed charge more.

Therefore for 2005, the cost will now be increased to £100 for the complete light fitting package which of course includes the bespoke loom.

Hopefully people will understand the increase in cost.

It goes without saying that those that are booked in for the remainder of this year, the cost will still be £75, as agreed.

If anyone needs more info on the light fitting etc then please feel free to contact me on:- or 07761 786828



Have you thought about selling the looms seperately? as I'm sure this is the daunting part for the home mechanic wishing to have a go themselves.

Will possibly take a bit of business away, but would be interested to hear others opinions??

Don't really know if this is possible either, or it is tailor fitted for each application.

Have also sent you an e-mail

Thanks Paul.

Having also signed up for sponsorship, feel I can now participe fully in this glorious forum :D as I have also gleened some great information from people on here.:beerjug:
To be honest, to buy just the raw materials in order to produce the loom is £27.14, then I have to spend 2 hours making it up.

So how much would you suggest I sold it for?

1) £27.14 and make no money and just do it for love?

2) Say, charge £5 an hour for standing out in my garage in the cold making up looms?

3) So lets say a £10 an hour then, therefore I would need to charge £47.14 just for the loom alone.

Then we have post and packing on top of that in order to send it out to you. So again, lets say a fiver to cover that.
To make life easy and to round it all off, the loom will cost you £50 at least.

But for another £50 its all fitted to your will have endless cups of coffee/tea and a free lunch while your lights are being fitted!

To be honest the loom is the easy bit, people just do not fumbling about in the bowels of the fusebox and splicing into the BMW cables. Even with my loom you still have to spice into the OE loom four times.
Three times for the Autoswitch and once for the main beam feed.

That said I have supplied a couple of looms a while ago for guys to try out. It is just not worth the hassle. You then need to man the phone and offer a 24 hour help desk to offer support for every connection or minor obstacle during fitment.

So in a roundabout way, and in answer to your question, then no I don't really want to supply just the loom.

Hopefully I have explained in enough detail and you can fully understand the reasons why not?


To those that have sent me a PM about light fitments, I have now turned the option of receiving PM's off, so please mail me again direct on:-

The reason being that I cannot keep a track of enquires without keep logging on all the time, which is a ball ache to be honest.


No question that the price increase is justified, Alan performs a quality job that simply is the Mutts Nutts. The lights, the conversation, family and sausage sani's are all first class! Use them all the time...

Alan, you'll go to heaven matey!

Can not recommend him enough.


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