Sarratt II

City Slicker

Sarratt II was earmarked to be the grudge-match between Simon Eassom and David Holmes and there were more than one or two who arrived tonight just to see what was going to happen.

In the end it was a more sober evening, well attended by the fast-becoming usual suspects including, from the south, Bakerman, Simon Eassom and his wife on her F650GS, who thankfully didn't arrive in co-ordinating apparel (unlike one chap and his flock at the BMW Day at the Ace on Sunday who all arrived in matching yellow Savannah's and System 4's - the Banana Bunch)

The London posse were also there in force including Wreford, Malky, Raiku notadrop and Greg Masters. Scurrell from Cambs also turned up, with perfect timing to miss getting the round in:beer:. I'm sorry if I missed out names of others here but we really gotta get badges matched to our avatars so we can tell who's who.

The ride-in was fantastic. After a long and very hot day it rained in this area but a while before we arrived, making the journey fresh rather than suffocating, and a very comfortable drinking spot as the sun went down. The car park seemed even more deserted than last time with maybe only a couple of other bikes not in our group.

It seems like we haven't yet exhausted the discussions about the various mods to our bikes, most interesting of which was the installation of running lights into the rear indicators by Malky. I had the benefit of following him to the Ace afterwards in the dark and his bike was much more noticeable with these little beauties.

Greg Masters also did a good job with the Halfords fitted spotlights, and both of these may be popular mods in the next couple of months when they get to doing a proper write-up for the rest of us. Malky may go into production with the the lighting mod as a plug and play kit as soon as he gets the time.

Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of time to chat as I spent a fair amount of time fitting some twin-tone horn kits that I have developed for the R and GS bikes (info at but I'll leave it up to Bakerman, Raiku and Wreford to give their comments separately if they are happy with them.

Greg Masters rode in with his brand new Garmin Street Pilot III, Wreford with his Touratech seat and Simon Eassom with his Adventure beak retro-fitted. I'm wondering what new goodies will be on display at the next meeting?

Just one gripe - The Cricketers Arms is a great bikers meet but the food (or lack of it) sucks. Can I suggest that we include a trip to the pub nearby before the kitchen closes. I'm sure I'm not the only one who skipped supper to go to Sarratt tonight. Your comments please...

Thank you for fitting the horn on my bike.

I will send money in post, please tell all costs.

My customers will be pleased as the milkman has a small horn and they will be happy as I have now got rid of my bell on my delivery bike.

P.S Milkman asks can you fit a twin set of your horns on his float.
Bakerman next time you head north and visit us at Sarrat how about supplying some horns as well ..cream ones.

Hope you enjoyed your evening and had a good run home.


Great write up once again Ed...

The horns are great well worth the £56.00 just can't find enough excuses to use them!

I'll be using mine to acknowledge other GS's seen on the road and look forward to a returned BARRRP not a beeeep.

' If you haven't got one yet...get one' Woody (Toy Story)

Malky, I'll gladly swap the film rights to the Mr Holmes thread for a set of your rear lights with my winter commute on a dark wet M1 not many months away I think they'll be a wise investment.

Regarding the next meet I'll be away on the 12th camping with the kids, so I'll have to catch up with you all latter. Two weeks after that is the bank holiday Monday, I'm not sure what my plans are yet but assuming I'm around if people are interested how about a mid afternoon - evening road trip?

It might be and idea that we canvass attendance for the next couple of meets particularly the bank holiday...I don't know how to do it but could we use the survey thread?

Suggested questions could be:

Will you be making the 12th august

Will you be making the 26th August

Given the choice would you sooner replace the 26th BH with a meet on the 2nd September

Would you be able to meet by 7:30 for a ride out to a pub with food starting at 8:00

Cheers all Wreford
Another good night at the Saratt Cricketers . . .
Bakerman I'm gutted. I was well impressed that you were going to ride up from Andover and was looking forward to meeting you and buying you a drink. I didn't realise that you were coming in disguise! I only found out as you rode off into the sunset that your avatar is not you! When I couldn't see anybody wearing a white hat I assumed you weren't coming. Bugger . . .
BTW, that's no wife, that's my lady (or have I got that the wrong way around?). Lisa's my girlfriend/ladyfriend/partner, not my wife. No big deal, but we both have marriage allergies. She had a very pleasant evening. She was very interested to hear all the gossip about the Bulletin Board as I'd told her virtually nothing about it (she's under the impression that I actually work when I'm in the office all day - she now expects me to be spending far more time looking after her children rather than playing on the internet - cheers lads!). We would, however, go in for matching apparel if we could, but I've never found stockings and suspenders that fit me very well.
City Slicker is a top man: mobile GS service and accessory supplies, fitted while you wait. Correction, fitted while you drink and chat and enjoy yourselves. I'm having one of them thar horns next time and a set of Malky's rear lights.
It was a beautiful ride home. We cruised in the pleasant cool air and freshness after a thunderstorm, chatted away on our autocoms, and nearly carried on going straight past Bedford because we didn't want to get off the bikes, but her thirteen year old daughter (who we'd tied to the bed and left on her own for the evening) kept phoning to say she was too scared to turn the lights off and go to sleep, so we had to cut our moonlight sonata short.
After a few pina coladas and a catch-up of the evening's athletics that we'd missed we finally got to bed . . .
Lisa: "do you just look at each other's bikes and talk about them all the time whenever you go to these things?"
Some people just don't get it do they?
It was definitely 800m rather than 200m, no hurdles to overcome, there was a pole involved (of the long kind, not a surrogate from Warsaw), went off out of the blocks like a rocket but managed to hang onto the finish line, with a spontaneous rendition of 'Land of Hope and Glory' afterwards.
And that's just the highlights.

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