Sat 24th July

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Oct 22, 2002
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South Wales
Anybody out for a play this Saturday?
Short notice I know :rolleyes:
Elan Valley sounds good to me:D
Sorry me neither

Steve got your answafone msg, can't make it I'm afraid.

I'm on the lash in Cardiff that evening tho, 1930 in the Prince of Wales under the glass stairs, lol
Re: Could fancy a brekky at East End

rcc54 said:
Suffering from malnutrition, 0900 hrs Sat might stave it off if your interested Steve. :)

Probably be nearer half nine for me Rob-things to do :rolleyes:
Still drying out my boots from last weekend.

We're are have a few little visitors this Saturday I'm afarid.

See you soon.

Bob Jeffries said:
Off to Donnington Saturday AM for the weekend, meeting up with some bloke called Rossi to give him a few riding tips:D

Been there,done that,bought the T-shirt on Thursday :D
Took my son to the "day of champions" met the stars,got the pics, rubbed shoulders with the best, strolled down pit lane,shook hands with Shakey,Niell,Loris,Colin,Randy Mamola,Kurtis Roberts,John Hopkins,Sete,Max et al :D
Rossi proved fairly elusive though-my son was about 3rd or 4th in line to get his autograph when the window of his motor home closed and the security guards moved in:rolleyes:
Fantastic day out,never been to the day of champions,it's a chance to get real close to the riders without the crush of the crowds,highly recommended ;)
Have a good weekend Bob,may the best man win!!

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