Schuberth Concept Helmet?


Had a look at the Schuberth Concept today, whilst getting me bike serviced. Rather taken with it; esp. the 'sun visor' thingy. Couldn't really try one out (as dealer didn't have one in my size) - but am interested, never had a flip-front before, but seems a good idea & my old Schoei is well past its 'sell by'. Dealer gave 'em a good report - said he felt that they had the edge on the bmw 4 - and made by the same company, apparently.
Can I have some feedback from my fellow GSers', please?
Ralphy this is one of the most well discussed topic I've participated in and seen discussed on the board (song title & marmite aside ;) )

Compare it to other flip fronts and you'll quickly find it is the best, don't compare it to full-faces.

I think you'll find flipfronts wearers are mainly based in two camps on this board are BMW System 4 and the Schuberth Concept, having experienced both I can state that those wearers of the former do so out of loyalty to a brand, but of course as you've already found out the brand here is the same, namley Schuberth Helme.

Use the search function and search for concept and you'll find all the reasons I and everyone else has given on the subject previously. I'm now on my second and they've improved it further, and yet the price had come down £189!!! :D

If ya really want a BMW badge, buy yourself one with the £60 saving!! ;)
Schuberth Helmets

I bought one a year ago and think its brilliant. I had a BMW Series 3 before so am used to flip ups anyway but the Schubert is great, especially the inbuilt sun visor. Wonderful when I was travelling through the Alps and Italy cos you could just flip it up and down when entering tunnels, of which there seem to be many! It took a while to 'break' in, but after a few weeks was really comfortable and quiet too. Thoroughly reccomended

dealer now closed so is that the price BM dealers are now selling them at, or where have you seen them at that price?
Adrian B said:

dealer now closed so is that the price BM dealers are now selling them at, or where have you seen them at that price?
Got mine from the NEC show from Bonanza's , the web site is quoting £199, but in the shop a month or so ago £189 and the same at the show.

SPC are quoting £250 but I don't want to get Coolcarbon going again ;)

I have had a Schubert for one year now and I think it's great. The "'sun visor' thingy" is really useful - not a gimmick. Buy one, you won't be disappointed.


here's one of the threads that Jud9e was referring to. I'm very pleased with the Concept. You should be able to get a good deal at Ally Pally, I should think. Also have a look at a new helmet that Schuberth are releasing in the next few days, the S 1. It's not a flip front, but has an integral dark visor. I believe the target price is going to be about £350. Give the importers (Headlynz) a ring on 01425 620479 to find your local dealer. You get a brief glimpse on Schuberth's Homepage.

I think Bonanza don't have a wide range of sizes /colours left.
i was waiting for a blue schuberth.
Eventually got one from Infinity @ 200 delivered.
BMW dealer couldn't match that price.:confused:
colt said:
I think Bonanza don't have a wide range of sizes /colours left.
i was waiting for a blue schuberth.
Eventually got one from Infinity @ 200 delivered.
BMW dealer couldn't match that price.:confused:
I waited a month for my size/colour combo and just by chance asked them at their NEC stand whether they had any and lo and behold... With Ally Pally now on us expect some stock. But £200 delivered is good. You can rely on Arthur 'Colt' Daly to snare a bargain :D
very good helmet

It's (maybe) only disadvantage is too warm when it's realy hot outside. But then you can flip it up!
Very happy with mine.:)
Thanks to all for the feedback - esp. to jud9e for getting me into the search engine facility - powerful!!

On thing I noticed when trying on a range of different manufacturers helmets yesterday was that they all misted up the visor after a couple of minutes - all that is, except the Concept! That alone was a major plus point in my opinion.

Mikeyh, the point you made about 'when its hot outside' is more relevent to Israel than here in the UK, sadly!!!!

BTW, the dealers price was £239.99 (solid colour), to which he offered a 10% discount. I appreciate that some of the replies have shown lower prices from direct sellers - but the ability to try on such an individual thing like a helmet has a benefit to it that I'm prepared to pay for.

So, thanks to all and its back to bvm in Stroud for me next week!


Had one, sold it - i found it far too noisy, good build quality etc..

Give James Sherlocks a call, they have loads in stock....£200 !

Bilks. :helmet
Sarge, what did you go for in the end ?

- I have the Schuberth also and the noise levels are driving me nuts.



Carried on using my Shoei....put the money towards, maybe,
(awaiting reports ;) ) an Arai trx....time 4 a new one....

But one has bills to pay,children to feed, vets bills,tax, ins,fags,sky tv,i/net,petrol,c/charge,tyres i could go on..too depressing !

The Arai or a Shoei syncrotec are fav's...

or maybe a Griffin...look good on a xs1100 !

Bilks. (penny for the guy mister ?):D
if you go for the Griffin don't forget the 'Martini' nylon paddock rally jacket, cream cordrouys' and matching suede loafers.
Does anyone else think that this 'hat' is noisy? Simon Eassom has said in a recent post that he finds his noisy. Yet others seem happy with theirs.

Noisy compared to what? All 'lids' are noisy, especially perched on a GS!
Any lid which has a load of stuff sticking out into the airflow is going to disturb the air and lead to noise, it's a basic rule of aerodynamics. Because that noise is developing close to your ears, it's going to be noticeable. The noisiest in my experience, are Arais, due entirely to all the vents sticking out into the airflow. The Concept is noisier than my old (integral) Shoei, but no noisier than any other 'flip front' I've ridden with and, given that I wear earplugs as a matter of course, is perfectly acceptable. The 'Rider's Ear Protection' thread delivers a pretty convincing case for earplugs. If you use them, the problem is less noticeable....


I have had one for the last six months and it is very noisy - have to use earplugs for even the short journeys! But great for town use when jumping on and off, petrol stations etc.
I love most aspects of my Schuberth Concept: particularly excellent peripheral vision (the best IMO), comfort, the sun visor, good for not misting up. It's a bit on the large goldfish-bowl size (which is noticeable when you try to fit it into a standard BMW pannier).

But . . . on my GS (and I stress this because each helmet performs differently on different bikes), it's the noisiest helmet I own (and I own about 8 or 9 that fit me, plus 4 others for friends and family). If you suffer from turbulence as a result of your GS screen and seat-height combination the Concept can be very irritating. For me, when it's bad, I get a very annoying tapping/tinkling sound coming from the top of the helmet. If I duck down behind the screen it disappears. On my CBR600, the noise isn't there, but the windnoise is still amongst the loudest of any helmet I own.

As a result, I only wear the Schuberth when I'm riding with Lisa and we're using bike-to-bike because I've got my Autocom headset permanently fixed into the polystyrene in the Schuberth. If I'm riding alone or not using the Autocom, then I stick with either of my motorcross helmets, my Arai Quantum F, or my Vemar flip.

As soon as I get round to it I'm going to buy the Arai TourX and refit the Autocom. Shame, because the Schuberth is otherwise a really nice helmet. But, all helmets are very personal and what fits some with no noise is another person's worst helmet. Even though I wear Arai, I've got a Shoei-shaped head and have always found them the quitest for me personally. My old XR8 is the quietest helmet I've owned. Never tried the Syncrotech though.

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