screen question (again)


i have an r1150gs on which the screen is useless.

i am 6'3 and broad in the shoulder. not only do i get buffetting around the head but on the shoulders (from around the sides of the screen.)

test rode the adventure but didnt find the screen much better.

what i need is taller and wider but i dont want the bike to look naff with a big touring screen.

any suggestions

Now you've done it. You might as well of asked "what oil should I put in" or "how should I run it in".

I've had huge success with the MRA Vario two part screen. It's a little taller, but I don't think any wider.

A lot of the buffeting is caused by airflow around the tank, and will never be cured by a screen. What the vented design of the MRA screen does is decrease the area of low pressure behind the screen, that "sucks-in" the air from all around, creating a lot of the problem.

Look here:


Don't know whether anyone local to you has one you could try.
thanks, of the posts about screens, the mra seems to come out well, bit expensive though i seem to recall. still, good value if it cuts down the buffeting (and the noise - cant wear plugs, got an intercom (and the wife's doesnt nag much. honest))
taylors said:
- cant wear plugs, got an intercom

Put a search in on this site on the subject of 'earplugs'. A lot of good advice, the bottom line of which is that earplugs are a must, with some fairly disturbing reports from members of this BB of what can happen to your hearing without them.

I use an Autocom & wear plugs - no probs .

Autocom Eurocom on "high" setting is perfectly usable with earplugs.

You could of course do without earplugs as my father in law did for a few years .

Ask him now if he thinks you should wear ear plugs and he will just say - eh?

Actually his hearing is now a lot better after he spent £3,500 on digital hearing aids.

Seriously - losing your hearing through not wearing ear plugs on a motorcycle is no fun and it will happen.

Anyway - lecture over!

A good way of cutting down turbulence noise is by replacing the silver coloured panel thing behind the windscreen.

I got a larger carbon fibre one and this really worked for me.

I found it better than just about every after market screen (and I tried em all!)

Think you can get em from or something similar (can't remember exactly as I got mine s/hand)


Not sure how fast you ride...but try taking the screen off...upto 80mph I'd say it's the best option.

You'll be quite suprised.

A 5min mod that will cost you nout.


oh and the bike looks good without one

got to agree with Roger on this one - the bike looks bloody awful without a screen IMO. Agree that, during the summer at least, it can be a lot quieter without it....

how could i possibly be doing 80? (unlees I was on parts of the autobahn etc.) the maximum permissible limit on British roads is 70mph.

but ........

I don't think i'll take it off !!!

The main reason people don't take there screens of is because it works and it's free and therefore deprives us of a reason to buy goodies for or bikes....

Go on try it... it'll take 5 mins and give you reason for a blast.

mra screen

the screen came thursday (earlier than expected) and it's on.

Looks good, now all I need is a few decent weekdays so I can ride to work....

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