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Hi Guys,just like to say thanks to all of you that take the time to post comments!(I've read all of your comments on screens)
I just got my new GS in Jan 03,having ridden an RT for a couple of years,and I've been experiencing terrible turbulance/wind bashing.
Bought an Adv' screen,Wasted £150!
Ordered an MRA Vario today,hope to have it on by weekend,180mile round trip on Saturday,good test.

Thanks for all the advise!!
Chas (Belfast).
I've also taken recent delivery of a GS from Park Lane and posted a question on the forum.

Thanks to those who commented and I am keen to hear how you get on with the screen as I am 6' 1" with the same problem as you - I used to ride (in Europe!) at 120-130 mph all day long on a Fireblade and never ever thought about turbulence.

This reminds me of sticking my head out of my Dads car when I was a kid - good fun but knackering.

If you find the Vario is no good, I might try a Cee Baileys and can let you know how that works out. I'm not plannig on touring any more, but it seems weird having a bike that you drive slower than a car!
Vario Screen

No problem Frankie,let you know asap!
Thanks Chas. Enjoy your ride.


is that the biking equivalent of "there are old pilots, there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots" ?

Or have you followed me on the road (it might turn my hair grey, never mind yours!)

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