Shipping a bike to/from the USA


Has anybody got any contacts/costs on how to get a bike to and/or from the USA? Is it expensive?
I kinda had a half hearted look at this sometime ago and seem to remember Lufthansa looked good. So I suggest you look on their web site. As I recall it was pretty informative and even had the facility to quote prices.

travelling somewhere??

I used HC travel to get my bike over to the states - they've got good prices and are really helpful, they also sort out USA bike insurance- which is a must. David Grist is the main man I think and is a nice bloke.

good luck
We use They can give you quotes on line showing their destinations. Also can do motorcycle insurance for Canada and the States.

Cost us about $1200 for shipping a GS from Gatwick to Vancouver, uncrated. They have helped us out twice now.

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