Simon Eassom- complete barstard!

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Jun 6, 2002
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NO NO! not you simon the fitting of the Hepco engine bars which were delivered this morning were a Barstard to fit and took 2.5 hours in the end the biggest problem being which spacer fits were, once sorted out its fairly easy thanks for the pictures they were a great help!:beerjug:
hepco fitting

I'm fitting mine tomorrow; got any tips?!
Simon's instructions were spot on, spacers wherever etc. The important thing is to prevent the movement between the lump and the bolt on frame. In my case I was doing well until the second ungrateful leaned over onto the bike and said "What ya doing, dad?"
He then spent the next 1/2 hour helping his dad (CSA insisted) trying to get everything back in line!!!!!

Further to last post, IMHO. stabilise the bike on its centre stand and suspension, then don't touch it. Follow Simon's instructions and you shouldn't go wrong?
Any problems give me a ring on 07956 469 769 - no expert, but a problem shared ................
hepco fitting ralphy

fitting is fairly staight forward first put the bike on the centre stand on level ground, disconnect fuel line and unplug connection box next to it, pull tank gently backwards put a piece of carboard in front of your engine block so when you jiggle the bars around you don't take the paint off,ONLY do one side at the time three bolts out, two new bolts in the foot rest and using larger spacer,small spacer in the middle and original bolt back in the front,once your happy with the postioning tighten up to the correct toques and on to the other side refit tank and connectors job done.!:beerjug:

Thanks to all for the response & a BIG thanks to Simon Eassom for his comprehensive help sheet.
Mike Belch & I will be having a fitting session or our new GS's Sunday afternoon - so should be fun!
H&B bars

I removed my H&B bars today for blasting and painting. I managed to remove the bars in about 30 woud be a quicker job but access to the bolts with the hex key is awkward and only allows a quarter turn at a time on the central mounting bolts.

The trick is to make sure the rear of the engine does not drop when you remove the footpeg hanger bolts. To do this just place a car jack under the engine to support it. After removing the bolts, if you have difficult lining the bolt up all you need to do is use the jack to raise or lower the engine as required. And as previously stated, only remove one bolt at a time.
From earlier fitting instructions I discovered a useful trick:

Put the bike on the main stand and then wedge the front wheel up so that the rear wheel is touching the ground.

Having done that it took me about 30 mins to fit the H+B bars.

Cheers Richard

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