Slipping out of 6th gear???

Richard Stallard

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Jan 10, 2002
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Hi there, someone called Hedghog5 said I could find info on GS1150 gearbox problems on this site, Mine drops out of 6th sometimes but not all the time (hasn't done it for nearly 1000kms now??) anyone else have this problem or know fix, it's still under warranty only 9000kms old in 3 months but don't trust the local dealer in Dubai. Thanks Richard.
Yep, mine does it too. Not all that often, but usually when I've been less than forceful with the upchange.
It's something I've learnt to live with. Besides, I seldom use 6th gear in the UK, as I tend to steer clear of motorways and dual carriageways.

Steve Currell
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Mine does to...

Only happens when I'm charging hard and performened a no clutch change up though.

Give it a good hard shift and use the clutch at it should be ok.

I think I recall tests of other 1150's R & RS's mentioning this.

How's Dubai I worked as a Photographer there in 83/84 in connection with your local 'What's on' publication.

Wreford Miles
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Hi there.... It's me again.... glad to see you found the site .
If you look through the back pages you'll find a whole load of comments on the gearbox problem (16 answers I think). You're definitely not alone!

Hi there, thanks for all the replies. Nice to know I'm not alone in this. She hasn't done it now for about 10 days or 1000kms, and I'm paying more attention when I change up. Thanks again and I'll keep you all posted on further developments. All the best Richard.
Your Right it's Fantastic once you get out of the mountains,desert where ever you've been riding and you trying to get back to where ever before dark slip her in 6th and 120miles over in about and hour no problem. Last time I was in Oman my friend dare I say it on a Africa twin rode my bike and I rode his, nice bike but one thing it needs is an extra gear..

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