Some fording pics


Nice but unfortunate husband.
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Nov 17, 2004
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South Armagh, Ireland
The King of Skye descended into Wales to take over the joint


but unfortunately he encountered a small river crossing and his well laid plans came to naught


Unfortunately the Irish back-up met with a similar fate


if only they had thought to bring a smaller steed. Many think the airhead a docile mount


but they are the machine to have for this kind of work and it's easy to bring out the beast in them


Mr & Mrs Speggo show how it should be done


Dan (the Toad) giving it some in Corwen Ford


and again at the second ford,



A cracking day out in beautiful weather with glorious roads between the fords and great company.


Thanks to Fanum for coming out of fords retirement to lead the run and to Clive for sweeping up after us all. :bow :bow To all the ford riders who gave us wonderful entertainment, lots of laughs and their bikes bloody good soakings. :eek:

Mandy and I had a great day. :)
great photos, wish we could have been there, but we don't get our GS until end of this week - then there'll be no stopping us!!!
Nice to see Ambassadors enjoy Bwlch-y-Groes :bow :bow,-3.60946|16|8&loc=GB:52.75895:-3.62465:14|llanymwaddy|Llanymawddwy,%20Mawddwy,%20SY20%209&hloc=GB|bwlch-y-groes

Superb road in either direction.

BTW why do we keep on throwing our bikes at water?

Winster Ford last week:


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Brian making it across:D

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well done guys

Thanks to Fanum and clive, you boys rock. clive as tail end charlie you were ace, as i was following in the truck i was a bit worried i'd get dropped off the pack but you kept an eye out for us and for that i thank you.

twas a great day, little Rossi loved it and i have to say i can't wait until he's old enough and big enough to join me on the gs.

everyone on the ride, thanks. a most entertaining day:thumb

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