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Jan 3, 2002
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North Yorkshire - but the map isn't the territory
For some time I’ve been planning to ride Rudland Rigg over the North Yorks Moors. As we’ve had so little rain (not really a route much effected by the wet though) I decided this W/E would be good. Needless to say Bev would come with me so it was a two up trail ride.
There are talks of the Dales and North Yorks’ Parks banning all green-laning so I wanted to get out and about on a few lest it happens. (there are a few routes around us now sporting ‘No vehicle’ signs.)
The route starts just behind Bank Foot Farm near Ingleby Greenhow and climbs fairly steeply on unhelpfully stepped rock and rubble before levelling out onto a variously stony, gravely, rubbely or sandy track. The pics don’t show first section ! It’s popular with walkers and MTB’s, and 4x4 occasionally, but there’s enough space up there for everyone. (Not that that will stop any closure).
Bev had to walk for quite a bit of the first half to one mile; whilst I made hard work of forward progress, thereafter it was easy enough two up.
Whilst I was waiting atop the initial climb I got the opportunity of observing a lizard who unsurprisingly was basking in the glorious sunshine. What happened next was a surprise ! Bev was wandering up the track with a noisy mail Grouse chasing up the side squawking at her. She stopped to try and get a picture of said fellow and he promptly ran up and pecked her ! After the irate bird (the feathered one) retreating to the safety of the heather Bev continued only for the Grouse to launch another run and peck at her heels. And I thought riding the bike was challenge enough !
The route covers some 10 miles across open moorland with stunning views down to Farndale on the left, Bransdale on the right, and panoramic views further afield.
Not only are the views great, but there are one or two interesting standing / boundary stones along the way. You rejoin the tarmac a few miles north of Gillamoor in Bransdale.
I’d wondered about a GS outing, but with hindsight I think it’s probably too much for the 1100 / 1150’s – without lobotomy and elephantine testes (anyone ?) but do-able for 80/100 with(out?) care. Funduro territory I suspect. Maybe best left to the DR/DT/XR/KX etc persuasion – but that’s not what the clubs about !
Still, if anyone fancies it, (GS’s only) I maybe persuaded to return !
See pics
Not syuitable for the 1150....bollox, Fritz my boy, after our new found Off Road School prowess, no mountain too high, dale to deep....etc well maybe the odd one.
Great pics, daughter well impressed with the lizard one
Seeing you at Hopper tonight,sounds like you had a good w/end @ Seven Sisters,Dave.

Fritz, where were you and Bev tonight-you could have recounted your Rudland Rigg exploits.
The Bankfoot end takes a bit of effort i would imagine on the 100GS.Did you carry onto the bottom @ Bransdale or take the cross roads in the middle to Monket Bank and Farndale - good pub @ Church Houses.
Andy and myself were out on the proper trail bikes - nearly went your way , but because weather was good - we went up high into Swaledale and up to Kirkby Stephen . Marvellous views and scenery.
Andy's new KTM 450 is like a missile, I reckon it would top 75mph down Rudland Rigg - awesome if you can hang on...............!!!!!!!!!
Couldn't make it last night John - maybe get a ride out in afore the next meet ? - or maybe the next one might be up Durham or so way since the nights will have lengthened ?
You're right - Bankfoot involved much 'riding beyond the call of duty' (and much walking by Bev !).
Straight on to Bransdale this time - recon the BM would pull 70 along there (with a braver man that I) - but 35 was the most I was giving it 2 up ! (handy excuse eh !!)
I have to say I need a 'real' trail bike.
Fancy leading another off roader like the one with Dave last year ? ie on some easier (reletive term!!) routes opp dale or across Moors - just seen a nice one near Fryup dale, you'll know it, as all the rest !
I it it was Late May/ June we might get a few GSers along ?
Dave - loved the pics from your W/E - you'll get getting dirty at the next Tong meet ? Hopefully we can arrange something easier that all the GS's can cope with - lots of easy tracks up the Dales, and not far from Tan Hill !!! :beerjug:

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