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Sherringford Hovis

A group of us (sadly only me on a GS) met at the Scottish Restaurant in Ashford for a shortish run across the A262/A264 route to East Grinstead and then down to Ardingly.

The "red leader" Paul B led us a roundabout way to keep us on lanes that had more than their fair share of sodden leaves stuck to the road surface.

The pace was quite slow so we could take in the scenery and we ignored the drop off system but had no problems…. T he scenicness of the run meant it took over 2.5 hours to do 73 miles...

First one to drop out was Bob on his Guzzi. The petrol pipe to the right carb had split and so he went home “to join you all later” after he’d fixed it. And he did, we just never saw him again!

The remaining five bikes managed to stay together all the way. Bernie on the K-LT dropped back after finding he had no rear brake, caused by the shock going and dumping the oil contents on the rear disc. He soldiered on and from then on I had the company of his grandson on the back of the GS.

The Bandit, ZZR600. VFR and me had no problems.

The show itself wasn’t really worth the fiver to get in and we had a good look at the OBR on display with very little saying “take me home”, well, not the bikes anyway. A few trikes and even a quike were there, plus a V8 engined trike-thing.

We met a few people we knew, had a chat and then with bellies rumbling set off for home and lunch… Lunch is very important to this bunch! We stopped at the Blue Boys on the A21 between T-Wells and Lamberhurst. Very nice roast on a Sunday.

I finally got in about 5.30pm and it was DARK. Very Dark!

Pix to follow when I extract them off the camera and edit the size of them!
Loads of OBR....


My favourite of the day:


And some non-OBR...


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