Southport Superbikes

Charlie W

12,000 service due, telephone quote from Manchester BMW 262.00p, No reply to emails from Bluebell Crewe, got favourable quote from Southport Superbikes next morning via email.
Had it done today at Southport, 212.00 which included rear brake pads, courtesy bike, coffee and friendly staff.

Was wondering wot they would charge for the 12k I am about to have done...:(

last saturday rang 8:30 for new tyre or puncture fix - fully booked but they made time and offered a courtesy bike ... always good service and cust care from them but i just wish they would realise i don't want to buy that £700 helmet...:D
Picked mine up yesterday. Very friendly, mechanics spent lots of time explaining everything and unbolting the bits i didn't want on.
Highly recommended after dealing with lots of poor jap bike dealers.
Lloyd can't private message you ,mines due for build next week just wondered if yours had been delayed at all? I agree with the upselling I dont want GPS either whats the point get up in a morning and go where the sun is shining
Mine was about a week late, which was better than i expected. Just got a bloody huge nail through my tyre after 150 miles, southport ordered tyres yesterday ( bt020's) and rang me to say it was ready this morning. Excellent, im out tomorrow to run it in.
I took my beloved in for the 18000 mile service and had been quoted approx £150,thought fair`nuff.Due to this GS being so treasured by me (I actually bought another one so it doesn`t have to go out in bad weather...),it of course pissed down on the service day.On arrival at Southport I spent 20 mins wiping the road crud off,then after a freebie coffee and chat/flirt with the lovely Jane,went home on an F650GS as I work shifts and had to leave my beloved there until the next day (Oh,the trauma).Next day,dry and sunny of course,get to Southport.My bike had been serviced,wiped clean and they had kept it indoors out of the crappy weather!To top it all,instead of the quoted £150,the cost was £117.:beerjug:

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