SPIII Display Fault?


My Navigator/SPIII seems to have developed a display fault.

When you switch on, from the Mapsource 'loading data cartridge' message onwards a thin vertical red line now appears about 1/3rd from RHS of screen from top to bottom. (Strangely is doesn't appear on the initial Garmin splashscreen prior to the 'loading' message, but perhaps this is because that's only displayed in black/white).

The red line overlays all map displays in the same place. Can only assume it's the screen or circuitry at fault.

Anyone else seen something similar before I rush back to make a warranty claim? :confused:
here's a piccy...


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Isn't that the Fosse Way?



PS If it's under warranty, take it back!
Try an e-mail to Garmins "techsupp@garmin.com". They may have an explanation.
Having said that, My e-trex screen went wrong due to moisture or vibration (bloody boxer engines). I sent it back to Garmin at Romsey. They sent me a new one F.O.C. Well out of warranty as well.
Barcode Man:

Been there, done that.

What you are seeing is not a hardware fault. You have an Americas version SP III, you're running it in Europe (no basemap coverage), and you have both CN Europe and WorldMap loaded, right?

Simply turn off WorldMap (via software on your GPSR, you don't have to remove it from the chip), and the lines will go away. This cannot be fixed through software because the lines originate from the WorldMap cartography. If and when WorldMap is updated and re-released (not a huge priority right now), the problem will be addressed in the new cartography release.

By the way, you can tell it's not a hardware fault because the red line is only visible at zoom scales equal to or greater than 5 km (if your map detail is set to the default setting). Also, the red line will remain fixed relative to the cartography, not fixed relative to the screen.

Please be so kind as to let the Garmin tech you are corresponding with know about this - I did a lot of work with the software engineers about 2 years ago to identify the cause of these lines, it's not a common customer complaint because it's not a common hardware and cartography configuration, so probably the support tech has not heard about this one before.

Thanks for your input everyone.

Whilst the symptoms are similar my line remains fixed in the same screen position irrespective of the map. Also it remains at all zoom levels, and even overlays the Menu displays.

I've taken your advice and selected 'Enable Only European City Navigator Version 5' from the Mapsource menu, but still no joy. There appears to be no option to select/deselect WorldMap, so assume it's not loaded.

By the way this is a UK sourced BMVV Navigator variant.

Any further assistance welcome. I'm currently running software V2.50 on the unit.
Barcode Man:

Well, my face is red - the problem you described is exactly the same as the WorldMap segment line problem, the exception being that your vertical line stays in the same position.

If the line does not move when the underlying image shifts, then it is, for sure, a hardware problem with the display. Hope your GPSR is still under warranty.

Back in 2001, the programmers and I spent some time looking at the WorldMap issue, emailing photos back and forth - I was sure that was the problem you were encountering.

For the record - if anyone encounters strange vertical lines that look exactly like the picture above - but remain in the same place relative to the underlying cartography - that's the WorldMap problem.

Thanks Pan, confirms my diagnosis.

GPSR will be winging its way back to dealer pronto. May be forced to consider upgrading to a 2610 ;)

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