SPIII to Autocom lead ??


Looking for the above lead for audio instructions to the autocom, from the SPIII .I have had a look @ GPS Wharehouse but can't seem to see anything.
I have the power lead so just need a audio lead.
Thanks Dave
Two options:

Via the music input on the Autocom (Part 173) £24

Via the grey 5-pin DIN plug (Part 172) £27**

*If you plan to use all of Bike2Bike, phone and music then you'll also need Part 65 £29

All available from Autocom.

**The latter option is not an option if you already use the Bike2Bike feature.

At the risk of sounding stupid, but have you tried Autocom direct?
01926 431249.

I have just bought mine from there, part number 34, £12.77 + VAT, ask to speak to Doug.........he is the man!


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