it's a road among italy and switzerland

the road surface it's very good int he north side, but the south (italian) side the road is quite bumpy and dirty

very nice pass

Been there!!!!

But not on my Scarver:
My boyfriend was my chauffeur (BMW K 100). I noticed that all the cuves had a number; why?

Oh, I loved the place!

We eat weeeery good pizza and ice cream!

And we looked at the Moto Guzzi factory from our hotel window!
Mandello del Lario.

And Cortina; A weeery nice little city!

I wanna go back! I wanna go back!:beerjug:

:) Liv.
did u like it?????

yes, sure.................

any hairpin has a numer usually, so u can count them easily....

let's go, come here.............
Just done that, it was great and GS was well suited. Also did Pso. del Bernadino first and then came back to do Splugenpass...Wicked!


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Given the choice of any vehicle, on any road I'll usually wish I was on my gelandestrassepanzerwagen

.....But call me a Heathen or a Philistine.. That road has Kart written all over it.
First gear hairpin bends don't really put a smile on my face on the GS..especially when wet....
Imagine the smile on your face doing those hairpins on a Kart.. Especially in the wet..
san bernardino is a classic loop with splugenpass......

it's fine too, the road is larger than spluga.......

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