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Jan 8, 2002
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Anyone got anything to say regarding the pros and cons of the Sports box option. There seems to be a lot of comment regarding the "tall" 1st gear as well as the big drop between 5th and 6th on the regular 1150 - I'm pretty happy with the ratios on my 1100.
Bloody hell! Not ANOTHER Simon!


if I had my chance again, I would go with the sport option. If I remember correctly, 1 to 5 are the same as the standard box. The 6th, or 'E' gear is a very high overdrive. I spend most of my time ripping up A and B roads, and it's extremely rare that I ever use 6th. I found it useful for long hauls on the Autobahn (the quick way to get to the good roads) but not much use on motorways in this country. With all the traffic over here I'm constantly changing down to 5th. I only ever use it above 80 mph.
1st is also a bit tall, and would prefer the gearing of the 1100.

I'm considering fitting the final drive from an 1100GS, as a few people in the US have done. You'll know what I'm talking about because I've seen your post on ADVRider.

Hope this helps.

Sports box

Hi Simon, i've got the Sports Box option on my GS and it's great, it pulls like a train in top even two up with all the camping gear on. I don't know how much difference there is in the ratio's but it doesn't seem to run out of steam. If i was to buy another 1150 i'd go for the Sports Box option again because, as like Steve, most of my riding is A & B road stuff and this box has proved it's worth.


Lee. :D
thanks for the replies - I've just ordered with the Sports option


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