spotlight brackets ??

Light Brackets

Just changed my engine bars to Hepco and Becker so I needed to find a new way of mounting the aux lights. Not a problem on the old Wunderlich bars cos I got a mate to just weld a couple of plates in the correct position and that worked fine. However, the Wunderlich bars started to flake and I had intended to change to Hepco and Beckers anyway. There are some mounts advertised on the board somewhere but far to expensive for me, so I bought a couple of sets of small RAM mounts. Works a treat cost about £35 for both sides.


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Hi - got your PM - had a look - but i'm not keen on welding to chrome bars.
What are these 'RAM' mounts and where d'y get them ?

RAM Mounts

go to and type RAM in the search box. There you will find the whole range of mounts. Give them a call if unsure the guy there is really helpfull.
aux light brackets

Hi motomartin,
I fitted some Hella FF100 on the BMW bars using some cycling tri bar handlebar mounts. Thought the micatech aluminium solution was too expensive and I do a bit of non engined riding. They seem to work fine. I'll give you some more info if you are interested.

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