Standard BMW Luggage for Advinture

Mike Murphy

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Feb 13, 2002
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I am hoping to purchase an Adventure to replace my 1100gs.
As I have the standard BMW luggage I wonder if it will fit on to
the Adventure???

Yes it will. Most accessories and 'add-ons' can be fitted to either model of GS. And, to prove it (this is Ming's bike...)



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yes they will

same frame as the 1150gs..

so the bag mounts will swop over..

i think u might need to get the normal rear footpeg mounts to fit the bags,, as the adventure footpegs are slightly different.. they dont have a rubber stop for the bag to clip onto..

anyway i have a pair of the gs footpegs if you need them.. :)

just ask your dealer when ur buying the bikeregards

When I got my Adv last summer, the aluminium boxes were recalled, so Vines lent me some of the standard black plastic boxes. They fitted ok. I don't recall changing the rear footpegs to fit them. I did change them when I got the ally boxes eventually.
Has anybody tried doing it the other way round? ( ... stop sniggering at the back)

I fancy fitting the Adventure luggage on my standard gs, but it looks like the grab rail needs to go the journey to access the front mounting points on the top box carrier.

Any thoughts?
Cheers dh,

I would have spent months searching for that thread.

c-g's idea is a 'definite maybe', however, I quite fancy the idea of retaining the grab rail (for 'Florence').

... time to put the thinking cap on (it's just plain silly to go the whole Adventure seat option).

:idea ... I'm sure I know someone who can knock out a couple of bits of plate if I get'em drawn up.

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