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Aug 14, 2003
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Allihies again.. but off to Asia soon....
My starter motor has just developed a noise when I let go of the button. Just like a knackered car one does in a cold winter. But only very slightly. So do I carry on with it till it drops dead or is there something I can do for it....

I remember reading that it is a PITA job to change the starter motor and I need the bike to run properly for another couple of months and then I'll be locking it up in the garage to head EAST. (I hope)
Your starter for 10....

The starter motor is pre-engaged, that is a solenoid is energised by you pressing the starter push-button. This solenoid pulls an internal lever acting about a pivot point, the other end of this lever is 'Y' fork shaped and moves the starter pinion into mesh with the flywheel ring gear. At the same time this solenoid also brings the heavy duty current switching contacts into play and the starter turns the engine. Note a low current is allowed to the motor to enable it to revolve once or twice to enable smoothe engagement of the pinion and flywheel ring gear teeth.

Just removing the starter and cleaning the accumilated clutch dust and any rust deposits from the pinion and starter shaft may cure the fault. Lubricate with WD40 and nothing else as this tends to dry out preventing a sticky surface which attracts dirt etc and then causes the problem you already have.

Good luck, this fix is cheaper tha a new starter and will probably work well. Removing the starter is not that difficult just be sure to disconnect the battery earth lead first, make sure any leads removed from the starter are re connected correctly.

Hope this does the trick for you

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