Steel spacer box for top box needed.....


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Apr 26, 2003
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I havea pair of loaner panniers from Vern at the moment until I get my silver ones, and although I love the size of them, the 5" lids prevent my E52 givi from even going on, let alone opening the panniers as well.

I'm undecided as to wether to go for flat box lids like MMM has, ot lift the top box...I don't want to carry any load in the TB but i do want to be able to use it in conjunction with the panniers for work...I need to carry tools conduit cable etc etc but also have lots of free space to dump my riding kit while i install stuff in bleeding hot I need an empty top box AND the panniers.......

One possible option is to put a steel (or strong ally) box inbetween the ADV plate and the GIVI plate, raising the box about 3-4 inches and having nice big pannier lids....

I know Al Jesse does a box like this but it's dear....I've measured up a small amunition box from an army surplus place but it was half an inch short.........

Anyone got any other bright ideas or know of a place that does SS boxes to order or in a variety of sizes please???

this is the sort of thing....not necessarily sloped at the back though....

Can't really help you with the "spacer" but I had a similar problem with my Zegas.

If you ride alone most of the time, this is a possible solution:


You can chuck lots of gear in the Zega XL top box and if you put it in the "wrong" direction, it fits between the panniers. I'm not sure how wide Verns rack is, compared to the TT one.

Not the cheapest solution of course, if you already have a top box.

A friend of mine had the Jesse box you're showing, and mounted a standard Zega top box on it. After a while all the welds of the Jesse thing were giving up. Not a very strong box...

Uncle Alby has used two squared sections of aluminium which if you use longer bolts through the Givi plates into the MBW rack raises everything up nicely, it looks good and I'd imagine is a fairly cheap solution that'll achieve what you want to achieve.

IThe same also happens on mine on account I have his old Givi top box on my bike now he's got his Touratech Zega Aircraft Hanger :D
If you're only talking 1/2" if using the ammo box, why not use a small stack of washers in conjunction with longer bolts as a temporary measure?
Hmmm.....i think i need a bit more height than that Judge........though i have been keeping my eyes open for a lump of alluy box section.

Steve..the ammo box wasn't long enough to cover the holes in needed to drill in it, rather tan being too short vertically.
Fixed it for Uncle Albert....


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