Stolen GS


My '02 blue/white R1150GS was stolen yesterday in broad
daylight in Mayfair, London. Number plate LV52 SLU, 7,014 miles, BMW
topbox, Pyramid carbon hugger.

Frame#: WB1415A82ZJ04839
Engine#: 122EB09026432

Robert Hartmann
Sorry to hear of your Loss..........:(

This is a bad sign...........the GS is becoming a more and more Popular bike........

Now the Fekkin Tea-leaves move in............

So long as we all make sure we do our bit by not entertaining Dodgy dealings and using the Internet to let fellow GSers know, we can pull together and beat these Tw@ts...........:mad:

Was it a 'one off' where you'd parked or a regular stop off?


Whereabouts ?

Where in Mayfair was it, I ask because it is practically impossible to move up there for private CCTV. If you know where to ask you may get lucky !

ps - Don't expect the local 'bill to seek it out without prompting !
It was taken from a spot where I'd been parking it (new job) for the last seven weeks. It was surrounded by about 30 other bikes in a high pedestrian traffic area. Near the Saudi embassy. Crawling with cops and traffic wardens. Unbelievable.

You're right about the Congestion Charge cameras. I've asked the police about it but I may as well have asked the dustman.

I didn't think BMW's got stolen - especially those that'd been superceded by a new model. Still, parts are parts and I doubt it was taken for joyriding. Wouldn't surprise me if it was rolled right up into a van so it could be hidden from the cameras.

As if they're used for anything other than raising revenue...
Ask !

RHJ, the Saudi embassy itself is very extensively covered by cameras, knock on the security door (Curzon St gate) and ask them to review their tapes, after all they've got sod all else to do and it's good PR. Also ask at the Curzon Cinema and the casino across the road ! I don't know if Shepherd Market have their own system but you could ask any of the businesses when you are 'out for lunch'. They may well all tell you to feck off, but you'll never know until you ask.
They may not want to share the image directly with you, but if they get a hit, tell the 'bill and demand they view it ! If you get that far i'll give you some names & numbers.
Sign POst

Have you thought of making up a little sign board and putting where you parked..
You can put the police station number on it, your mobile, or a contact method and details.. and BIG photo of the bike!

1) It may get a responce. Some one may remember seeing something.
2) It will highlight to other bikers that a bike was taken, and the area has been targeted.
3) If the theifs return they may give the place a miss, if its been made public.

I realise its slim hope that you may get your bike back, but then its worth a try, you never know.

And do have a hunt around and ask about the CCTV..

Good Luck and hope it turns up..

Thiefing ******* should have their hands cut off..
Thanks Dutchman for the post on the other site.

Small update: I just got a call from PC Michael Brown of West End Central Police. He's going down for a look but, more importantly, will sift through CCTV information.

It helped for me to be able to tell him I'd learned on this forum that 3 GS's were lifted in London last week. He said he's not the best on the database but he knows a colleague who is - could result in them noticing a pattern and, (dare we hope?) maybe even figure out who's doing it.

He did mention that given the bike was taken in a busy area on a dry day, pros with a van were most likely the culprits. Could be game over...
Bike was stolen Friday. Cops called just now to get me on the phone while they reviewed CCTV (to be sure they were looking at the right bike). Fortunately mine had a top box and was parked amidst a lawn of scooters. It stood out nicely. Color cameras, blue/white tank. Good.

While I was listening they saw film of a guy riding it off at 3pm. It's probably in little bits by now, of course, but now they're going to look at other cameras in the area to find the thief on his approach.

Crime in London continues to blossom under the current nice-but-dim spin cycle. I'm hoping to make a difference if this guy is caught.

Sorry to hear about your loss. Crime in London is defiantly on the increase.
I was just wondering did your bike have an alarm / immobiliser / lock???
BMW Dealers

Just had a thought.
BMW dealers have a computer data base for when you had your bike serviced.

Is there a way of informing them, that the bike has been stolen and so they can flag it up to the police, if the chassis number turns up??

Just a thought, but not sure if this can be done??
I may ask my local dealer in crewe, if no one knows the answer..
My stolen to

Had my spare bike stolen last Tuesday in Rotherhithe Street. Who the hell wants a CB500 for Gods sake. Ah well new GS arrives Wednesday.
film of a guy riding it off at 3pm

Am I right in thinking that, now I've got a 1200 with its immobiliser, the only way they can nick it without the keys is in a van or am I labouring under a delusion?

1200gs security

I think you are correct - I asked the North Oxford guys when I was there test riding and they said that without the correct key [ transponder in it ] the bike cannot be started .
As it is lighter than the 1150 it will be easier to get in the back of a van so a good chain and disc lock is probably the best [ apart from an alarm ] protection .
Food for thought .................

I hope the bike is recovered - I know how gutted I would be if mine were stolen , no matter what it was .

Steady Eddie

Hello mate, sorry to hear about it. I may be able to help as far as cameras etc are concerned. I have a good friend in the Diplomatic Protection Group who MAY be able to access those cameras at the embassy for you. I haven't asked him yet but give me a call on 07790 026 388 and I will do my best. Don't know if it comes under data protection etc but as it is evidence of a criminal offence I remain hopeful. Don't let the B'stards grind you down.
PS I'm only based East London/Essex borders so we should be able to meet up quite easily should you need to.

Very much appreciate the offer of help. The PC on the case just called to see if at any time anyone might've been able to make a copy of a key/if I had all my keys.

From his reckoning the thief was around the bike for four minutes (coming and going). He has further heard that (sub1200) GS's are relatively easy to take by breaking out the iginition barrels. He saw no overt hammer swinging, etc.

Told him about your offer. He's there already - knows that the boys in the "DPC" will help. Now that he's pretty sure no key got cut while the bike was serviced, etc, his next course of action is to get images of the thief (a couple without helmet) to the lab to get cleared up and compared with databases.

I've told him I've heard through this forum that other GS's are suddenly being taken - and am of course suggesting that if he figures out who took mine he'll find the same guy did them all!

For all those who've asked: No I didn't have a lock on it. No excuses except for the ones I've given - high pedestrian traffic area, CCTV, nobody takes BMW's etc.

Life has changed in Blairville. The thief doesn't care if he's been seen riding it away if he's going to have it in parts by tea time. When will they learn cameras do not prevent crime?
looks like someone in London has found out that the GS is easy pickings.

Riding it off in 4 mins !

Is there a simple thing we can do to stop this ?

Remove the cat plug, or the ignition fuse ?
My 1100GS was lifted bank holiday friday from Drury Lane, asked the police at Charing cross regarding cctv but they where more concerned whether it fell into the block Holburn Police should investigate or them :(
So far no news and don't think that bike will see the daylight again. I can honestly say the police in this country is well understaffed but in the same light can not report on any positive attitude towards joe public. My expierences thus far was nothing helpfull.

Anyway suppose it is just another statistic and the boys in uniform have to deal with more urgent problems than theft.

And the moral of this story is.....

The thief thinks ..ah f*ck it he's got a Beemer so its insured and he'll get paid out.....sod oi ...NICK IT.

The copper thinks ..ah well he's insured so he'll get paid out..stuff it that'll save all the paperwork and anyway one recovered bike won't get me noticed by the Chief... sorry sir you'll not see that again, we'll write to you soon. Bye for now.

And you thought that everyone cared, well thay don't give a shit.

When my beloved was nicked my students witnessed the arse wipe riding off on it.... except they thought it was did nothing.... which is exaxctly what none biking Joe public will do every time. Theres no mileage in compromising your safe little haven.

1100's and 1150's just moved into the wanted catalogue because of the new 1200 it out for your self, the answer is staring you in the face.

All bike thieves should be put down and their heads jammed on a spike.:mad:

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