Street Pilot 111

peter mellor

Field and Trek are currently offering this for sale for £799.99!

Hi Peter, any idea what the spec is with this offer ie. datapack size, unlock codes etc. Price sounds good there is a used one on Ebay going for close on this price.


Full details of the spec are listed on the website: Seems to have everything that has been mentioned on this type of thread in the recent past. Far too comprehensive to to regurgitate here!
I don't know what the Atlantic Autoroute Basemap is, but it comes with this and Mapsource City Navigator CD. It's got a 32mb datacard.
I'm guessing, but the "all-in" packages for £999 currently around with unlocks for all of Europe and 128mb card sound better value. Right or wrong?
Simon E.
Yes, the offer is for the non-deluxe version with only the MB chip and the unlock code for one part of Europe (eg UK).

I really cannot imagine why anyone seriously contemplating this would not spent a couple of hundred quid extra and get the 8MB chip and the unlock code for all of Europe. The Deluxe kit also comes with additional hardware which is useful if you want to mount the unit in a car too.

As Simon says above, the target price for the Deluxe SPIII is around one thousand pounds.


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