Street Pilot v GPS111+

Adrian B

I am thinking of acquiring a second hand GPS and would like views on which is the better of these two units.
Pro's/con's etc of Street Pilot v GPS111+

I know there are more advanced units out there but limited finances restrict choice
Street Pilot:
Bigger screen
Interchangeable memory cards (Garmin know how to charge for them!).
Adrian: Hi matey, I just looked on Ebay for you and there's a Streetpilot III for sale and it's BUY NOW price is £375.00

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Or go to and search GARMIN. There's quite a few to go at including the cheaper models too.

Will call you this week sometime, ok.

Cheers, Darren
Couldn't believe my eyes...and I was right to doubt them

I scurried over to ebay to make a quick killing, buy an SPIII for £375 and sell it for £700+ only to find its a Streetpilot Colormap :( . Ah well I'm sure it'll find a nice home to someone.
Oops! Sorry jud9e. Got carried away between the two www pages, you know how it is, :doh

Anyway, is it still a bad buy for a limited budget, I don't know?
I think I've gone on record before in saying having experienced a Garmin V and now a SPIII, I'd happily forego the advantages bigger, colour screen of my SPIII for data card capabilities in my old Garmin V.

My SPIII is lovely in the car the big unit, nice clear colour screen and the voice prompting all very nice sitting there on its bean-bag mount (the Mrs loves it), the same on a bike isthough IMHO overkill, by that token then I'd give the samller unit a go and decide if I can live with the smaller mono unit and lack of memory capability. Secondhand Streetpilot Colormaps are cheap and ten-a-penny as they say - GO FIGURE.

If Garmin ever brought out a Garmin V with data card I'd be very tempted myself.

Also don't overlook the Etrex options, Howard and Ian could fill you in on them, sorry to introduce a new unknown - but better to consider all the options first, but they might be just the ticket. Paul G could tell you about the Garmin 176 too, another as yet unconsidered here.

If you're in no rush then consider Dutchman's GPS weekend up in Edinburgh as you will probably get to see, play and talk to owners of all of them - if you can't manage that then he has put loads of useful GPS links on the BMW Scottish Section Web Site.

You've probably worked out in all this that my main criteria is the autorouting capabilites of both the V and the SPIII, hence I can't give much of an insight into the non-autorouting models.
thanks guys

Thanks for your advice everyone, I agree with the views re data card and have managed to get the street pilot for £200, used only twice with all ancillary gear etc and the seller only lives 8 miles away.I'll give it a go and see how i get on.
Watch out for more threads no doubt on how to use and update the thing!!
Adrian: Well done £200? Super stuff. Call me if you want to borrow the software, advice etc.
Thanks Darren
I hopefully coleect the unit tomorrow so I will give you a call
Hi Terry

Its a street pilot as opposed to the SP111

If you are still wanting a look I will ring you once I have the unit

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