Streetpilot III GPS

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Jan 6, 2002
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Anyone interested in one of the above, I found this on ebay. £695 & no VAT sounded like a good price & 10 available.

Without doubt, a good price!

But the unit is despatched from the US - and the description doesn't say which basemap it comes with.

It also says 'UK Mapsource'. I'm not at all sure what they mean by that.

Bought from the UK, an SPIII Deluxe should have full European City Navigator v5.

Mapsource is not country specific.


I'd be very suspicious of the 'No VAT' bit. This kit will be subject to VAT and import duty AFAIK (I certainly paid both when I bought my iPod in identical circumstances).
I think I'd go for the UK eBay SPIII vendor (whose name escapes me, but Boxertools was happy with the deal he got a few months ago - they seem to sell all the time on eBay).

If you scroll down the page Mike, they say they will post it marked as a gift to avoid duty/VAT. I know I've rec'd stuff from the US this way and not had any problems. They can't tax a gift, can they?
I don't know the full details Paul, but I think you'll find there is a limit (somewhere around £35, from memory) below which you won't get charged. Above that, I don't think it matters whether it's a gift or not.
Remember, the seller has no control over what Customs do, no matter what's written on the box. Otherwise I guess everybody would use this as a loophole.....

Think I've seen this one before. Read all the small print and they say if you get charged VAT they'll refund it - I'm a bit sceptical about that bit. You will probably have left pos feedback before you get the bill.

Having bought a watch this way and then sold it at what I thought was a £10 profit I was later hit with a bill from FedEx for the VAT, import duty and their handling fee - something like £18 on a £60 watch!!! Beware.

The only way to avoid this is to get it sent by regular mail - uninsured and untrackable (is that a word?). Ok on small value goods but not on a £600 + GPS unit.

To make it more interesting I think the 'seller' is based in Oz and they get it shipped direct from the US to the UK - too much risk for my liking.

At least with a UK seller you can go and argue the toss if anything ever went wrong - I'd be happy to travel halfway across the UK to resolve a problem but halfway across the world isn't so practical.

Just my two penn'orth... ok £2 :D

Streetpilot III Deluxe

As mentioned in a previous thread Costco are doing this model for £705 (inc VAT) currently.

The Item No. in their system is 51728 if you need to enquire on availability.

Import charges

just to confirm what Mike says - Customs will charge duty and VAT on items declared as gifts - this is based on the declared value of the package, plus carrage costs.
One normal "dodge" is to get the shipper to underdeclare the value of the goods - just remember tho that Customs can and will, open packages and will argue about the value of items.

When the classic car boom was in full swing in the late 80s, people were shipping any old Brit sports car back in from the US and claiming they got them for a couple of hundred bucks or whatever.!! That scam got stopped pronto.

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