Well I finally succumbed.

After missing the bargain one for sale on here, I found an equally good one on ebay for not a lot more.

So it's mine all mine..SP3 btw, in case you were wondering.

So having looked through the threads, I've still got some questions.

Which mount is better, RAM from adventure, or Touratech from Brakens,..

Hardwire, or plug in.

Take off the bike when going for fuel, or leave on..
Hardwire, or plug in.


This works for me on me 1100 ['98].

Slip a 2.5mm power connector over the live pin in the alarm socket under the tank - that is of course if the alarm ain't using it. Ground to any suitable point and install a .5A inline fuse. Instantly removeable and leaves the loom unmarked by those painfully cheap clamp thingies that cut into the wire harness.

Take off the bike when going for fuel, or leave on.

Generally leave on, though I would remove in under certain circumstances such as a petrol station in groovy downtown Toxteth.

Incidentally, my 3+ had a M3 tapped hole in it's back face, this allowed a screw to pass through the Touratech mount and lock the GPS to the mount.
Clearly, whilst not scumbag proof the screw would greatly increase the time taken to lift the receiver.

Definately hard wire it and having tried several mounts I chose a RAM mount because you can alter the position of the set very easily, which is great if you are riding with a tank bag.

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