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Mar 30, 2004
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having been unable to get a decent price for my R80ST I am considering doing a mild off road conversion to it, nothing too radical, just for a bit of light green laning, I don't want to go mudpluggin' and imitating enduro riders and motocrossers. I am having difficulty on finding suitable tyres (100/90x19 front and 120/80x18 rear) Avon Distanzia look like they may fit, does anyone know if they would be suitable?
How do they perform off road?
I was also considering the fitment of the G/S sump protection plate, and G/S handlebars. I can't afford to convert to full GS spec
having just bought an 1150 GS(I want to keep that just for touring). Also the ST is a fair bit lighter for off road use. Any suggestions? Thanks Fatal.

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