Suomy flip front lid

Ian M

I visted thew NEC yesterday and saw the new prototype Suomy flip front helmet, its supposed to be available in March. Looks futuristic and I think stylish. Have a look at it if your going up.

I bought a few things (gloves, neck warmer and GiMoto suit)but didn't buy a Oxford Stormex - the ultimate storm cover - on special show price for £39 normal cost according to my Big Bike Book catelogue £69.99 - silly me.

Take a look at them if you want a bike cover.

If anyone is going to the NEC from the Southampton / Winchester area this week and wants to do me a big, big favour (I will owe you one) I would like one of these covers. I know its cheeky but if you don't ask!

Please give me a call if you can help my number is 023 80695382.

As you're a fellow Yorkshireman and I'm thinking of going Tuesday or Wednesday this week, I could get you one and post it, if you don't get any better offers. Still cheaper, even with the postage I guess.

No probs, let me know if it helps.

I was born and bred in Leeds

Hi Darren,

That's a kind offer, I am exploring a couple of other possibilities tonight but I will get back to you.

I was born in Leeds - Holbeck and then moved to Beeston. I then went to college but taught for my first year at Parkside High just past the Rex cinema in Beeston - now long pulled down.
Hi Darren,

Can't find a better way. Please can you get me an Oxford storm cover. Let me know how to pay you. Please give me a call to arrange the details.
very best wishes.

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