Suspension set up?


I'm beginning to wonder if I can improve the handling of my 1150GS by making suspension alterations.

Nothing wrong with handling, as such, but suggestions would be useful.

Currently, I've just increased the rear preload by a few turns, which seems to make it behave better.

Should I match this on the front?
Should I tighten/loosen according to riding conditions?

The only changes I'm currently making are increasing the rear preload to max (or near) when carrying a pillion.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


My first question would be why? If it isn't broken etc...

Give a professional a shot at it. The set up on my Ohlins (which caused my bike to 'understeer' after they were first fitted) was adjusted by the guys at Harris and the handling of the bike transformed. They were also very nice people.

Speak to Richard or Dominic, but they may try to sell you Ohlins, if you don't have them yet...

Harris Performance Parts
7, The Mead Business Centre
Mead Lane
SG13 7BJ

01992 532501



I went through the same faze when I first got the GS... Went back to standard after all the friggin about.

30 miles later I've just fitted Ohlins... now that does make a difference.

When I set these up I kept things nice and soft and used the damping to keep it all in control.... fantastic
every month or so when i fancy a fiddle (ooo errr) I jack the back right up so that the bike feels like its oversteering - then back it off slightly until it feels spot on around corners. this seems to get me the best balance, and equates to about 5 or 6 clicks above the middle position on the twister. front stays on standard setting, and i usually try to do it with the tank half full, as this does make a difference.


ps - i've never bothered adjusting the damping away from its default position....
Thanks for the feedback and link - I won't worry too much, but it's good to have a reference point.



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