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Guys, the front end goes very light when travelling at speeds over 70 mph on the road. The bike has a tendency to weave and the light steering makes the bike somewhat "over-sensitive"? I have the standard setting on front/back.

Any suggestions on adjustments to front/rear preload? I usually never fiddle with set up so am pretty ignorant of the effects.
A lot clearly depends on the following:

How do you ride?
Where do you ride?
How much do you weigh?
Do you carry a pillion?
What did you ride before - What are you comparing it with?
Personal preference?

Sorry but I do not believe there is a perfect generic set up.

Best thing to do is to try small adjustments and always remember where you started from.
Personally I found the stock settings a little on the hard side, however, I didn't really feel it caused the front to go light, or cause a weave.
I did find that because of the leverage available from the wide bars, if you're not relaxed in your upper body, it can cause the bike to wander about.
If you don't use the bike off road and don't mind a slightly reduced mileage, put Bridgstone O2Os on, they transform the handling from great to brilliant.
Dave Price said:
Personally I found the stock settings a little on the hard side
I've wondered in the past whether the manual (p50) instructions for the front suspension are written the wrong way round. When I got my bike, it was set 3 or 4 from fully soft. I reset the suspension in accordance with the manual. Result = way too firm. My dealer had their bikes set soft, also. Putting the suspension back to the delivery settings makes the bike much more pleasant to ride.
I find the rear works best with the damping turned nearly all the way up and the preload set dependant on load but always to give a good ride height and not too much sag. Without enough damping it is really wallowy and seems to make the front wander about. As someone else said a really gentle hold on the bars prevents unwanted stearing inputs which, untill I realised it was me, felt like the bike was weaving about.

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