Sussex run-out


Had a great run out to Wessons cafe on saturday. Thanks to Iain, Paul and David for some decent conversation (and a little more action - uh-uh) and brisk riding !

The guys on sports bikes probably didn't want to pass us anyway. heh-heh-heh

We must do it again some time with a few more people. Now all I have to do is to get to one of the "big" get togethers.

Thanks for the tea Iain.


Dick (damn - cover is blown now)
Excellent suggestion Guitarman - looks like I missed the fun though ...
Now, all we need is a sunny Saturday with no jobs waiting at home ...
See you in about three years!
Damn water tank still leaks:( so I'll probably need more 2-wheeled therapy before I fit it for the third time:D


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