Taken for a RIDe

Iain Hogg

On my way to work this morning I glanced down at the RID and saw the oil temp indication drop 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 bars and then after a few moments it came back up again!

This continued for the rest of my journey - no warning lamps and engine seemed to be running ok.

Has anyone seen this before? and can anyone direct me to where the temp sensor is so that I can trace the wiring and check the connectors.

Ta muchly,


The Oil temp sensor is located on the top of the engine.
Right hand side next to the alternator.

Ask your BMW dealer if this changing readout means anything.
It did on my old Yamaha.

Have fun,

Thanks, I'll take a look soon.

But as the 'problem' seems to have gone away (?) and the bike is running like a dream since I changed the plugs and air filter at the weekend, It'll take a lot to stop me riding and get my hands
dirty! :D

'Killing flies in Sussex'

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