Tank Panniers (again)

Steve Peake

Has anyone got a set of the Tuareg tank panniers (as shown on Hein Gericke site)?

I'm a little confused (no change there then:D ), as there are two different pictures of them on the HG site.

The first picture shows roughly rectangular bags, on a bike without a tank bag - two straps support the bags over the tank. When you click on "Detail", different bags (an angled shape) are shown, this time zipped to a tank bag.

Any idea's which panniers are actually for sale?

Alternately, I like the look of the Wolfman or Aerostich panniers (as mentioned in a previous thread on this topic). Anyone got experience of import duties on items like this? I've just been on the Customs and Excise site, but it doesn't include any usable information (shock - a goverment website that obscures the truth? must be a first)


Hi Boxer

The Touratech seems a bit pricey.

Plus, I've already got a tank bag - would prefer separate tank panniers, to maximise flexibility


I have a set of the hein gericke ones I had to buy the tank bag
plus the tank panniers
still trying to figure out how to fit the bloody things to the bike
can anyone help
straps all over the place :confused:

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