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May 18, 2003
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Christchurch, Dorset
Does anyone know of a supplier for a set of tank panniers suitable for an 1100gs or any bag which can be adapted for the job. I dont want another tank bag unless I have to, just want additional storage for when I go camping in Spain.

Aerostitch have a few nice kits for $117 - $127:

try Gericke. They make a tank bag similar to the Touratech (but half price) with side bags. Nice and tidy.
However, you'll need to try the shops becuse is not in the latest catalogue

Good luck

Sendin the Foolish fellow a P.M. He has a touratech set that he could be pursuaded to sell.


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Aerostich Tank Panniers


I have a pair of these (the ones on the left in MiGSel's picture).

Not cheap, but I got what I paid for. Unsurprisingly, they're not 100% waterproof in heavy rain but their size and shape are ideal for lining with plastic carrier bags. A 5 litre wine box fits snugly in each side and they do keep your knees warm.

Aerostich were a pleasure to do business with.

Mick :thumb
Gericke Tank bag

The Gericke bag is excellent - tuareg large. Fits GS well and is reasonably waterproof.
But worth checking out quickly as not in cat. This posted reminded me to order panniers for it! There are now 7 sets of panniers in the country. £33 for Panniers! look on the web site, find the order number then give them a ring - infact here you go!

side bag 21002151

Tuareg Tankrucksack Large

Order number 21002150

Price in £ 54,99

This enduro tank bag has variable storage space (approx. 15-25 litres). a large map pocket with side insert. is made of waterproof. strong textile fabric. has five fixing straps and a removable top part for refuelling. The large version is ssuitable for all touring enduros such as the Super Ténéré. R 100 GS...
Approx. size: L: 35cm. W: 30cm. H: 13cm or 30cm
Approx. capacity: ca. 15-25 Liter

height: 30,00 cm
width: 30,00 cm
length: 35,00 cm
contents: 25,00 liter
colour: black
pieces: 1 piece

Excellent bit of kit.

Thanks for all the replies I will follow up on the Gerick panniers but if that fails the back packs are also a good option. I am going to Spain camping two up. I am going to make a plate to go on the rack and use a roll to carry the tents etc Will I be able to carry enough for 3 weeks with standard panniers tank bag and possibly tank panniers any ideas ?

I contacted Hien Gereck and they still had some in stock so they are winging there way to me and hopefully they should all be ok many thanks for all replies
I have one of these Hein Gericke tuareg Tank
bags with side tank bags

next question is does anyone now how to fit this to
the bike Bmw 1150gs

Help ta very much

the instructions are not very good

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