Tankbags for an 1150GS


What kind of tanks bags are available for a R1150GS?
I know that BMW do one, I've seen a Baglux one on a GS in London (with matching tank protector). Are there any other brands that forum readers can recommend?
What are the pros and cons of the two mentioned above (and the other brands that readers may recommend)?
What are their volumes?
Can sections be zipped in to expand/contract i.e. do they operate as effectively as just a map pocket as they do a full blown luggage carrying device?
Can they be permanently attached/locked on to the bike?
What do they cost and where can I buy them from?

Thanks in advance for your help

I have a GIVI Voyager, splits into three and expands. I don't know how much it cost as it was a throw in with the bike.

It's magnetic and seems to hold well even full expanded, it did leak a little ridding upto Mallory but that was only through the zip and could have been prevented if I'd put the rain cover on!


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Try Wunderlich , Held or Touratech - Germans do some good tank bags.
Me I use a Baglux cover with Mapcase or Bag
Johnny Boxer
Try Hein Gerrick (sorry for the spelling) the Toureg (spelling again) magnetic bag has been superb for me costing about £65 or £70 including cover. This is larger than the BM item and allows the bag to be half zipped when filling the tank. I rate it, however I find the top box mor useful.

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