Techlusion 259 and dealer servicing


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Feb 9, 2003
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Dear all 259 owners,

Recently installed a techlusion 259..great!

Coming up to my 12000 mile service and wondering what to do regarding the 259...

(Bear in mind the service will be done in Rennes, brittany BMW dealer near me.....)

Do I turn it off (Cruise 11+) until the service is done ( throttles balanced etc.) or tell them its on and the mixture will be richer?

Spec: K&N airfilter, Y piece & lazer.

Finally, to those that have them...does a wider external air intake make much difference to the smoothness of engine running?

By the way, this web site has been a great help for those distant researchers such as myself..thanks! (its added to my credit card bill though with the extras i've bought).


CBI, JERSEY:beerjug:
Personally I would turn it off just in case it throws up any strange fault readings in the motronic. I am sure the mechanics would appreciate you telling them its fitted but turned off.

Got a big inlet fitted but to be truthfull its hard to tell what real difference it makes. I just had to fit it cos it seemed like the right thing to do :rolleyes:
259 Settings

Hi Pantzer,

Just out of interest what are your settings and did you get it dyno'd?



Settings are all over the place at the moment cos I have just fitted different y-piece but from talking to other guys I seem to be running mine very rich on all settings. Hope to have it dyno'd in the near future so I will post the results on the board (and no doubt have scorn and abuse hurled at me from all directions - but thats what makes this board such fun) :D

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