Techlusion FI Control Box

Oh, sorry, got a bit carried away there.

Just picked my GS up after having said box of tricks fitted.

She picks up noticabaly quicker from any revs, is much smoother past 5k, and has no surging problems at all.

Just need a dry day now so I can fiddle with all the dials :D

What settings do you have on the techlusion ?

did you disconnect the o2 sensor ?

£170, free fitting 'cos my dealer loves me.

Base settings done by the dealer, but I'm looking forward to having a twiddle when I get the chance (and it's not raining)

I've got a Remus Y and Can, Sensor now disconnected.
Panzer Patrol said:
Hurry up.... its stopped raining..... whats it like? ....Tell me more... gota know. ;)

OK then...

She'll lift the front if you whack it open at 4k in 2nd
There's a lot less of a gaping hole at 3 1/2k, where it used to flatten off before the power kicked in at 4
It doesn't splutter when dropping back down to tickover in traffic, which it used to before
It seems smoother cruising at 95-100 than before
There's no surging (but there wasn't before)

I've got some fiddling to do at the weekend as I'm sure it'll get even better.. but for a start, I'm delighted :D:D:D

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