Techlusion fitted, backfire/popping gone.Help


I have fitted a Techlusion G3 today, plus a K+N with snorkel mod. Already have a full remus. I love the popping and backfire on overrun that I used to get, and after a short run to test the unit today it seems to have gone ! I know from other threads that this happens to most people who fit them. Can I loosen an exhaust clamp to introduce an air leak, which may reintroduce the accoustic pleasure of backfire on overrun again ? And if so could it affect settings or cause any harm ? Any help appreciated.
A pre-requisite for popping/backfire is unburnt fuel in the exhaust. I guess that the Techlusion unit avoids excess fuel on the overrun hence the lack of popping. I'd therefore think that no amount of air bled into the exhaust will get the popping back unless you alter the fuelling.
I feel so sorry for you dudlow. My GSA pops on command on...:bounce1

I know how much you are hurting...One of the many, many pleasures I get from riding my 12GSA is hearing the Remus full system's acoustics...
when i think of the hours i spent trying to STOP my 1150 popping on the overrun :blast

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