Techlusion or powerchip???


Hi all,

I'm new to all this BMW stuff so would like a couple of opinons (or even an argument!!!) on the best route to freeing up a bit more omph.

Bike is an 1150 fitted with 'Y' pipe and full race 'Remus' end can and at present the fuelling seems ok - my experiences with 'chipping' other bikes has always had good results so my questions are:

Are the improvements on this engine worth the effort?

Whats better - Techlusion or BB powerchip?

Are there any other easy improvements to be made?

Gavin, I'm afraid that this has been the subject of much debate. Have you tried doing a search using tne search button above? If you do, leave yourself a day or two to read it all!:D
Happy hunting:thumb
Yep, Dick's there, but the rest is just a plain yellow bar. Spooky:drackula

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