TerraNova Light Bar - Where Are They


Hi All, I am looking for a terranova light bar for an 1150GSA but they seem to have dropped off the face of the earth? I have spoken with adventureworks in the US and they say they don't carry them anymore.

Does anyone know where I can still get one or maybe anyone I can get one from???

If the 1150 was like the 1100, I got a piece of flat bar, cut to size, filed down and sprayed black. Mounted using the two bolts/screws already under the headlight. Worked well, saved a fortune.:)

Sorry, I know that doesn't really answer your question!
I got mine from Nippy's- not sure whether he carries them in stock anymore, but they were not listed on his website when I got mine

May be worth giving him a tinkle to find out if he still has some, or where he gets his from.

They are a fantastic piece of kit- it was the only lightbar I could think of that would fit PIAA 520SMR's onto.

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